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Welcome to Major Projects: Campbell River

The Campbell River Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to the Campbell River Major Projects Site. We intended to showcase the capabilities and capacity of local suppliers of construction equipment, processes, labour and support services through a searchable database using construction and contracting industry coding. to prime contractors seeking services, products and access to a skilled workforce for their Major Projects.

This information is put in front of the bid proponents well in advance of the procurement and construction phases.

The bid proponent and prime contractor has access to tools and information throughout the procurement process and all phases of the project to encourage them to engage local suppliers and to develop procurement and contracting strategies that maximize engagement of local resources.

Browse the site, or use the quick links at the foot of each page. We know you will value the information you find here.

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Featured Projects

John Hart Generating Station Project
BC Hydro's John Heart Generating Station Replacement Program is located in Campbell River, has an estimated value of approximately $1 Billion and a Timeframe: 2014 - 2019

  North Island Hospital Project
Vancouver Island Health Authority's North Island Hospitals Project

 is a project to construct a new hospital in both Campbell River and Courtenay. Valued at approximately $600M This project will run from 2014 - 2017

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