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Tender Process

Last update is on mar 18th 2015

This project was completed by the end of December 2014, with BC Hydro staffing moving into the space in January 2015. The project was on time and on budget.

Omicron led the construction, on behalf of BC Hydro, and invited bids for the project from pre-qualified trade contractors. Interested trade contractors were invited to submit pre-tender qualification statements for the following specific scopes of work to be bid as separate tender packages. The information below shows the tender packages and the companies awarded the work from 2013-2014.

Package Number Description Awarded to:
Tender Package #1 Earthworks and Utilities Wacor Holdings
Tender Package #2 Yard Buildings CW Campbell
Tender Package #3 Concrete (Form, Pump, Place, Finish) Dalecon Construction
Tender Package #4 Reinforcement Steel LMS
Tender Package #5 Structural Steel Impact Ironworks
Tender Package #6 Heavy Timber Framing StructureCraft
Tender Package #7 Masonry BC Masonry
Tender Package #8 Electrical, Data, Voice and Security Canem
Tender Package #9 Mechanical Systems Archie Johnston Plumbing
Tender Package #10 Doors, Frames, & Hardware McGregor & Thompson
Tender Package #11 Roofing & Accessories Nelson Roofing
Tender Package #12 Cladding Compass Cladding
Tender Package #13 Spray Insulation & Fireproofing Westcor Services Limited
Tender Package #14 Glazing Systems Silvester Glass
Tender Package #15 Specialty Doors Island Overhead Doors
Tender Package #16 Rough Carpentry
Tender Package #17 Metal Stud Framing, Ceilings Gordon N Gordon
Tender Package #18 Flooring Fast Track Floors
Tender Package #19 Ceramics Island Floors
Tender Package #20 Painting Brown Bros Painting
Tender Package #21 Millwork West Isle
Tender Package #22 Specialties, Accessories Allmar
Tender Package #23 Asphalt, sidewalks, curbs & gutter
Tender Package #24 Landscaping
Tender Package #25 Site Security Fencing Streamline Fencing

Pre-Qualification Process

Submitted Pre-Qualification (CCDC 11 Contractor’s Qualification Statement) documents will be evaluated by Omicron. Depending upon the number of responses, the highest ranked trades will be invited to submit bids. All trades will be notified of the outcome and be given the opportunity to receive feedback on their submission.

Hand delivered submissions should be contained within a sealed envelope that should bear no evidence of the Trade’s identity on its exterior and be clearly marked “#20-11-104 Campbell River Operations – Contractors Pre-qualification”.

Pre Qualification Submissions received after the time noted above may be disqualified. Pre Qualification Submissions submitted by e-mail or fax will be accepted.

Please ensure the CCDC 11 Contractor’s Qualification Statement clearly identifies the scope of work for which pre-qualification is requested.

Contractor’s Qualification Statements can be obtained from the Project Coordinator (Alex Girdner @ 604-632-1153). Statements are intended to demonstrate the following:

  • the trade contractor’s experience |
  • bonding capabilities |
  • quality control systems in place |
  • the ability to manage and complete projects on schedule |
  • capabilities and qualifications |
  • claims and safety records |
  • resumes for the project team; |
  • CCDC 11 documenting all relevant information |

By submitting a complete CCDC 11 Contractor’s Qualification Statement, applicants consent to Omicron verifying any or all of the information provided. Omicron reserves the unqualified right to do comparative evaluations of all CCDC 11’s on the basis of considerations solely determined by Omicron. This evaluation may be on such matters as, but not limited to; company history, relevant experience, capabilities, qualifications, bonding capacity, claims and safety records. It is the intention of Omicron to review the CCDC 11’s and select the trade contractors that will be invited to submit a formal tender for the project. Omicron reserve the unqualified right:

  • to select a limited number of trade contractors from the applicants submitting CCDC 11 Contractor’s Qualification Statements,
  • to reject all applicants,
  • to not proceed with a portion or all of the work,
  • to add additional applicants for consideration, and
  • to request additional information from an applicant.

Indicative Timescales

Evaluation & Short listing June-July 2013
Tender Period July-Sept 2013
Construction Period June 2013-October 2014


All Companies/firms invited to bid will be expected to keep confidential all matters related to this project, the contents of the invitation and the response. At no time prior or following an appointment will trades be permitted to disclose information relating to the Client or the project without written permission from the Client.

Please forward all questions to the Project Coordinator, Alex Girdner at or fax at 604-632-3351.