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Latest News Releases, Notifications of upcoming Events and recent Notices of project progress and opportunities for the John Hart Generating Station Replacement project.

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Latest News

JHGS Decommissioning Report #1
Decommissioning And Removal Of The Old John Hart Generating Station Facilities
JHGS Update 65
JHGS Construction Report #65 released
Reservoir level drawdown now unlikely
Reservoir level drawdown now unlikely for the John Hart dam seismic upgrade
Final Milestone
John Hart project achieves final operational milestone
JHGS Construction Update 64
JHGS Construction Report #64 released
JHGS Construction Update 63
September 2018 Construction Update Released

Upcoming Events

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Latest Notices

JHGS - Temp Closure
Temporary closure for new trail as hydro construction begins
JHGS - River Flow Update
The weather conditions have not changed over the past month and therefore the low water inflow conditions continue for the Campbell River system. From October 7 to date, the water inflows into the upstream reservoirs are now the second lowest in 50 years of record.
Reduced River Flow
As a result of the ongoing dry fall season BC Hydro reduced the discharge from the John Hart generating station from about 82 cubic metres per second (m3/s) to about 67 m3/s.
JHGS Business Open House
Local businesses will have the opportunity to meet representatives from short-listed bidders for the John Hart project.
High Water Alert
BC Hydro will be conducting river flow tests on June 21st and 23rd, 2011.