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BC Hydro Campbell River System Open House

Organizer BC Hydro
Location Campbell River Coast Discovery Inn

Event Details

The annual BC Hydro Campbell River System open house will take place on Wednesday, June 22 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Campbell River Coast Discovery Inn.

Capital project staff will be available to discuss dam safety upgrade works completed at Strathcona Dam last fall and to be started at John Hart Dam this summer, and the John Hart Generation Station Replacement Project. Staff will also be available to discuss the challenging hydroelectric operations year given the near record snow pack.

“This is one-stop shopping for the general public to come out and learn, ask questions, and provide input to BC Hydro’s Campbell River System hydroelectric projects,” says BC Hydro spokesperson, Stephen Watson. “For the John Hart project, we have been collaborating with key stakeholders and agencies for years, and it has been very helpful to understand and consider community perspectives as the project evolves. It is also very important to talk and listen to the general public every June so that people have the latest information and can provide additional input. Success for this event is getting as many people out to the open house as possible – we would like to hear from you.”

The John Hart Generating Station has been in operation for more than 60 years. There are river flow interruption concerns and potential impacts to fish, the need for seismic upgrades, and replacing equipment that has reliability issues. BC Hydro encourages the public to come out to hear about the status of the project, and to also learn about commitments made to the Canyon View Trail, river access, Brewster Lake Road Bridge, to how it is collaborating and working with local and regional business leaders on possible economic benefits during construction. The procurement and regulatory processes are expected to begin later this year.

An upgrade project to a section of the John Hart earthfill dam, near the Spillway Dam, will take place around mid-August to end of September. Staff will go over the project, the closure to the Brewster Lake Road during construction, and the detour route. Staff will also be available to discuss the unique and successful Strathcona Dam Intake Tower Upgrade project completed last fall. BC Hydro’s Campbell River System operations engineer will go over the historical water inflows, inflow forecasts and the operational considerations for various water use interests. This discussion will include possible reservoir levels and river flows through the summer.

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