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Project Owner - BC Hydro

BC Hydro provides energy solutions to customers in an environmentally and socially responsible way, balancing British Columbians' energy needs with the concerns of the environment.

BC continues to grow and so does the need for electricity. The proposed John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project (Project) will help ensure the continued supply of reliable, cost- effective and clean electricity on Vancouver Island.

With six decades of knowledge along with today’s innovation and technology BC Hydro is about to embark on a project that will transform the John Hart hydroelectric facilities into a better balance of financial, environmental and social considerations. The time has come to have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide an enhanced hydroelectric power generation legacy for Campbell River and the province

This project is of a size that requires years in the studying, planning and approvals gathering. This is then followed by a Request for Qualifications, the selection of three qualified bidders or bidding teams, and finally the awarding of the contract. During these “preliminary” phases there may be very little new information available. BC Hydro will post information as it becomes available on this site and particularly when the Project Request for Qualifications is issued.

BC Hydro has also committed to the community that once the three short-listed bidding teams are announced at the Request for Proposal Stage, anticipated to be sometime in Summer 2012, a business community open house will be held in Campbell River. This will provide local and regional businesses the opportunity to meet representatives from the three bidding teams. More details to follow – stay tuned.

Engaging the community

BC Hydro is continuing to consult with First Nations, and engage agencies, stakeholders and the public on the Project.

First Nations

The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • Share project information and project alternatives with First Nations;

  • Seek feedback from First Nations on how the Project may impact their interests and to work together with them to identify and to avoid, mitigate or remediate negative impacts; and
  • Identify potential benefits that may arise as a result of the proposed Project.

BC Hydro will continue to work closely with First Nations during Project planning, regulatory and implementation phases.

Agencies and stakeholders

BC Hydro continues to be open with the community on the early stages of project design. BC Hydro established the Campbell River System Hydroelectric Facilties Liaison Committee with about 20 members representing interests across the Campbell River System. In 2009, BC Hydro initiated a John Hart Recreation Advisory Committee of about 20 members to focus on trail use and river access around John Hart.

To date (October 2011) there have been eleven Liaison Committee meetings and seven Recreation Advisory Committee meetings. BC Hydro has also held open houses each year in June, with the fourth project open house held in June 2011.

Economic benefits

This proposed Project will be a boost to the local Campbell River economy, through employment on the Project and resulting spinoffs that will boost the local businesses including food, beverage and accommodation services industries.
BC Hydro forecasts a preliminary estimate of about 2,000 person years of work during the five year construction period. That averages about 400 person years of work per year, with the second construction year seeing the highest level of activity at nearly 500 person years of work.

BC Hydro is working with the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver Island Construction Association and Vancouver Island Economic Alliance. This collaboration will provide the Campbell River and Vancouver Island business community with the latest Project and economic information.