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Project Overview

The overarching goal of the project is to provide modern, effective, and appropriate inpatient and outpatient services to the communities of the North Island with the construction of two new state‐of‐the‐art hospitals. One in the Comox Valley and one in Campbell River.

North Island Hospitals Project – Campbell River & Comox Valley

Island Health has been involved in the planning for replacing and updating the acute care capacity in these communities since 2003. In the past four years, work has focused on reaching agreement with all relevant parties regarding the acute care model.
The Campbell River and District General Hospital (CRDGH) and St. Joseph’s General Hospital (SJGH) are both more than 50 years old and their physical infrastructure are deteriorating. In the past number of years, each hospital has submitted requests for substantial capital investments to upgrade their facilities in order to achieve current standards. Both hospitals also provide significant services to the approximately 122,000 people who live in the North Vancouver Island Health Service Delivery Area, 13,000 of whom live north and west of Campbell River.

The physical structures at both Campbell River District General Hospital and Saint Joseph’s General Hospital cannot meet future needs for patient care and are currently preventing staff from providing the highest care possible. Both of these aging facilities provide poor functional workspaces for staff and physicians and contribute to the challenge of delivering continuous specialist physician services. This presents particular challenges at Campbell River, where Island Health has experienced difficulty in recruiting necessary staff and physicians because of the condition of the facilities.

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Dan MacLennan
Vancouver Island Health Authority
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Narrated Aerial Videos (December 2015)
Campbell River Hospital
Comox Valley Hospital